The end of COVID in Scotland?

No, unfortunatley definitely not! We were due to end all restrictions on the 27th of March, but the Scottish government has extended the recommended use of face coverings on public transport and on indoor publice areas, such as supermarkets.

COVID levels are stable, but the number of people requiring hospital treatment is low. Most likely this is due to the fact that more than 90% of the population have had a least two vaccinations, and most have also had a booster.

It feels that things are back to normal, apart from the sight of people wearing masks and it’s looking encouraging for this tourist season. One advanatage is that many historic venues have introduced ticket booking. Edinburhg Castle, for example. pre-pandemic would let anyone in who turned up and bought a tickets. This led to long delays at the ticket desks and overcrowding in the castle itself.

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