A face from the past…

The villiage of Crammond in Edinburgh has a claim to be the oldest continually occupied settlement in Sc0tland, though others claim this too.

We do know for sure that 40 years ago nine adult bodies and five infant bodies were found in a car park in Crammond. Recent DNA and istopic analysis has shed new light on the burials. Two of the bodies showed evidence of multiple head wounds, they belonged to different generations of the same family. They date back to the 6th century A.D. However, these were not all locals. Two had isotopic signatures suggesting they grew up from possibly more than a hundred miles away.

There speculation that this was a royal settlement of the Goddodin tribe, they would have spoken a lanuage related to mode犀利士
rn Welsh.

You can currently see the exhibiton at the Musuem of Edinburgh. Below are photographs of a facial reconstucton of one of the bodies.

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