Hairy coos = Highland Cattle

There are a few places in Scotland where you can guarrantee a close up encounter with Highland Cattle. Cow being ‘coo’ in Scots they are affectionately known as ‘hairy coos’ here. The thick coat protects them from the cold in winter and from insects in summer. Although they look fierce they are actually very gentle creatures.

Heather in blossom!

People see postcards of Scotland with the hills covered in purple heather and imagine it is like that all the time. Not true! The heather blossoms only for a few weeks in early spring and in August. Though I did manage to find this small clump of blossoming heather on Loch Lomond in July. I think its bioclock must need resetting.


Twice in one week at St.Andrews, which is great. Surprising how advanced the preparations for The Open golf championship are, considering it is not until July it seems they only need to add scoreboards and cameras.

Scotland anti-clockwise #1 Crathes

From the Borders to the North East and two castles: Crathes and Dunnottar.Crathes Castle

This is Crathes, home of the Burnett family for almost 400 years. It has remarkable painted ceilings and original furniture, including a four poster bed dated 1595. The oldest object on display, however, is the ivory hunting horn given to the family by Robert the Bruce.  They family kept the castle intact by keeping out of civil wars and rebellions as much as possible.